Leather shoes for men and women

Using a good pair of shoes is not only a matter of good taste but also health. Health can start on your feet and with a good footwear you will feel at ease avoiding some problems derived from improper footwear, either because of not having enough quality or because it is not adapted to the foot itself.

At Mr. John's we have the best handmade shoes made in Spain for men and women with class.

Custom-made shoes for women. Women´s loafers models like Audrey Slipper, Rosa Slipper and Alexandra of the highest quality made exclusively for you.

Custom-made shoes for men. Shoes on Double Monk, Boat Classic, Oxford and Gatsby models that you can customize to your liking. Our shoes are designed to impress at any occasion. 

Boutique. The latest items of our spring-summer and autumn-winter collection in stock at the best prices, offers in men's and women's shoes, free shipping worldwide.

Espadrilles, brogues, slippers, nautical, oxfords, loafers, everything you may need to make a very special gift or for your daily lifestyle. If you want to feel distinguished and modern, look at our collection.

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