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Style is personal, there are no rules, there are no seasons.

Having style, maintaining a proper appearance and over all things being elegant on any occasion
The espadrilles as a summer shoe for men are the new trend this summer.
The Blake Sewing, also known as Blake Welt, consists of a high-quality inner shoe stitching that offers total comfort.
If you do not know what to give to your boyfriend or husband for Valentine's Day
If you do not want your shoe squeeze your feet, it is the best idea to wear a measure shoe that is specifically prepared for you and your size.
The men’s shoe market is too broad. There are shoes of all types, sizes, colors and prices. However, there are times when you cannot fail.
This is more than a common problem as we can imagine, fortunately there are manufacturers and brands that perceived this situation and today they offer solutions without losing the style, elegance and good taste.
If you ask yourself, what is the essential touch for a wedding outfit in a man?
Craig Langdale, editor of MenswearStyle men's fashion and lifestyle website, has emphasized something that many of us know but which is always good to remember for those who do not.
Giving a good footwear is key both in terms of comfort, the benefits of feet, and the elegance and presence of good shoes.
BLAKE WELTED is a type of welt stitching, a technique we use in our shoe making process
A mysterious gentleman? Or maybe, does an elegant bulldog? We solve your doubts.
The Psychological Effect of Designing Your Own Shoe.