The shoes that any stylish man should have

The shoes that any stylish man should have

The shoes that any stylish man should have   

Craig Langdale, editor of MenswearStyle men's fashion and lifestyle website, has emphasized something that many of us know but which is always good to remember for those who do not. This is the style of footwear that should always be in the closet (or shoemaker) of a demanding gentleman.


Oxford shoes bear the name of the University, although it was originally found in Scotland. It is a shoe style for everything, and it is also found in many different materials and colors to choose the one that most suits. They are comfortable and very sophisticated. You just have to take good care of them.



Chelsea Ankle Boots, originally a women's shoe but later came into men's fashion for many reasons. They've taken them to the Beatles. With elastic on the sides and rubber soles.

Brogue shoes, with a rustic design that enjoys a lot of style. Popularized in the nineteenth century but never out of fashion since they are reinterpreted with the new times.

Full Brogue

Monk shoes, less formal than Oxford but more than Brogue. With its large bed of colors available and its subtle extra height, they are perfect for any occasion. The double-buckle Double Monk shoe is very attractive and elegant.

Double Monk Shoe

Desert Boots, very elegant with high cane. They tend to be casual to elegant.

 Penny loafer loafers or shoes, low footwear that can be used in many situations. There are great variety of designs and colors. They are very versatile, although they are not worth for all the occasions that yes.

Loafer Shoe

• We dare to mention stylish espadrilles, for how well they feel.


We have many other styles of shoes that every man should have in his closet, since Mr John's footwear is exclusive and elegant, adapted to every man and his concrete needs in every moment.