The perfect collection of groom shoes for men

The perfect collection of groom shoes for men

The perfect collection of groom shoes for men


If you ask yourself, what is the essential touch for a wedding outfit in a man?

The answer is to wear the correct pair of shoes.

Here you have our recommendations, always with an original vision that highlights the

sector of the international fashion shoes.

We have the perfect collection of wedding shoes for men, both for the

groom as for the best man, we share different proposals of shoes in classic style and

elegant style in different colors and models.


Oxford Shoes

It is a simple shoe and made in one piece seamless, synonymous of

a clean and classic style, these shoes are perfect to wear at any occasion.

This style comes from Scotland and Ireland and are an essential in the closet of a men.


The peculiarities of this shoe are the toe and the fins pierced for the laces

Which are sewn together to the tab in one piece. Inside the Oxford shoe style

We differentiate three types: 

  • Legate: stitched at the seams
  • Semi-brogue: stitched at the seams and at the toe
  • Full-brogue: also has a dotted on the blades

In addition, you can always choose to customize your own shoes (width, sole, fabric, colors ...)

Oxford Shoes


Full Brogue Shoes

A masculine shoe of classic style but with a sophisticated touch, are the

perfect complement if what you are looking for to show a discreet style.

Best of all is that it comes in various colors and combinations.

Full Brogue Shoes Full Brogue Shoe


Derby shoes or bluchers for men

If the idea of footwear for the wedding day is a classic shoe style this proposal is perfect.

Shoes with the ideal tone for a wedding, and best of all is that it is a

Type of footwear that can be shown afterwards on different occasions combined with

Different looks.

A black leather derby shoe is perfect if you want to wear a simple, classic style

And easy to combine after the wedding with formal clothes or with a jean.


Single Monk

This shoe with buckle is ideal for a discreet wedding, the black tone with red sole

Is perfect as a complement to a ceremony during the day or evening but

You can also use them for any party thanks to its versatile style.


Single Monk Shoe

Double Monk or Double Buckle

Unique creation of men's shoes. Do you want something different and unique for that great

day? Then bet on this footwear with double buckle, sophisticated for those who wants to look like a total gentleman.

The perfect shoes for the wedding day are those with which you feel your style

identified, so you can create your own shoes from our 3D tool.

Double Monk Shoe Double Monk Shoe

Pure elegance

Make your own shoes!