Problems finding men's shoes?

Problems finding men's shoes?

Problems finding men's shoes?

This is more than a common problem as we can imagine, fortunately there are manufacturers and brands that perceived this situation and today they offer solutions without losing the style, elegance and good taste.


Custom Shoes for Men

A very large or small foot number are usually the two most common problems that men´s have when they are trying to find a suitable footwear and a model that really suits their tastes and styles. 

Most of the stores offer shoes that starts at number 40, limiting that way the chances to men that has a smaller foot than that standard size.

But the most important thing is that when there are problems to find the perfect shoes, men end up buying a shoe that is not the right size and there is where the suffering begins, because could appear folds on the surface or in the sole of the shoe, evident signs that they do not fit perfectly. The shoes have to fit like a glove, and if it’s not like that, it is because is not the properly sized footwear. This is a problem that some manufacturers have discovered and therefore they offer shoes for men in sizes that include a lot of possibilities for those who have small or very large feet

Variety of sizes and shapes 

At Mr. John's we are custom shoes manufacturers, that way we can offer the possibility to the client to design the shoes that they like the most and at the same time realize if these shoes are made for they own size and with their own personal style. It doesn’t matter if you shoe is big or you feel it tight to your foot, the recommendation is to buy shoes that are comfortable for walking. Eventually they will take the shape of your foot, but initially they should be comfortable.