Oxford Men’s Shoes

Oxford Men’s Shoes

Oxford Men’s Shoes

The men’s shoe market is too broad. There are shoes of all types, sizes, colors and prices. However, there are times when you cannot fail. If is that time when you need to go elegant, without risking, it is imperative that both, clothes and footwear, do not give any chance to failures. And in shoes style, at least, an excellent choice is the Oxford footwear. Famous, elegant, pretty, and very formal.


Men’s Oxford shoes, elegant and a safety bet


Some people dare to call these shoes, the formal and classic shoes from all times, and they are right. It is a shoe more or less comfortable, very elegant, bright at times, and with few nuances. That is their biggest attraction, they know how to impress people without becoming overly complicated.


From the beginning, Oxford shoes have been made with leather, to be able to include small perforations or tips that give them a more informal style. This does not always happen and in many cases people prefer to be simple. To tie these shoes, we usually used the traditional laces.


There are four types of Oxford shoes:


• Smooth: without ornamentation.


• Legate: with stitching at the seams.


• Semi-brogue: they have a stitch at both sides, at the seams and at the toe of the shoe.


• Full-brogue: they have been provided with drawings in the tip and in the wings.


If we talk about these shoes color, predominate the dark ones like the black one or the brown, but recently we have seen other tonalities that no contrast with the classic ones, as they can be with military touch. These novelties are a riskier bet, but sure to make you succeed and distinguish you wherever you go.


There is also the option of creating your own custom Oxford shoes. Colors, size, width, sole, materials ... everything to your taste.


No matter which style you select, Oxford shoes are one of the main recommendations when you want to go well dressed, elegantly and matchup with the rest of the clothing. for footwear, certainly a success if you want to dress well.