Tricks to avoid squeezing shoe

Tricks to avoid squeezing shoe

Tricks to prevent shoes from tightening


If you do not want your shoe squeeze your feet, it is the best idea to wear a measure shoe that is specifically prepared for you and your size.


This is the best decision you can take, because footwear is essential tomaintaina good health and your feet care, you do not know how much discomfort could you feel wearing the wrong shoes.


Tricks to prevent shoes from tightening


However, if you do not have no alternative, we give you here some tricks that can help you to avoid getting your shoes tight and get you out of a hurry:


  1.      If you go to a special event or want to go for a walk, do not wear new shoes on that day. Start wearing it them gradually each day for a week to suit you and do not disturb you, is the best way to adapt your shoes naturally.


2. Turn to the natural elements as Mr. John does, to take care of your feet and shoes in each of their uses.


3. Widen the shoes with a last, if they are leather made, it may need some time for them to get it. There is also special spray that can help.


4. Put some socks balls on each shoe until filled. Wait all night, you'll see next day are more comfortable.


5. If you put roll on deodorant in the heel, the lateral bones and on the fingers, you will avoid friction that produce the shoe in your feet, these are the areas that are more being affected and hurt when the shoes are tight. You can do the same with talcum powder by putting your shoes right after applying it.


6. You can glue silicone strips inside the shoe, on sides or bottom, at any part that annoys you. These will help to keep the soften inside shoe. You can get this strips in specialized stores and pharmacies.


These tips below can help you to feel more comfortable with your shoes, although there are many more homemade or not so home remedies that allow you to feel more comfortable with your shoes. In any case, we reiterate the need to use quality footwear tailored to your feet like the one we manufacture.