What is Blake Sewing?

What is Blake Sewing?

What is Blake Sewing?

The Blake Sewing, also known as Blake Welt, consists of a high-quality inner shoe stitching that offers total comfort. It offers a guarantee of craftsmanship since it is a product that is made with the highest quality raw material and is manufactured by hand in Spain.


How do you do Blake sewing?

When the above is done, the excess skin is polished or cut in the inner part to apply short paste in the central part. The cork acquires the shape of the plant to fit the footprint. The structure is reinforced with the inner sole of shoe. A piece of leather is applied as a sole glued to the base and sewn to the welt to have two seams, the one that joins the welt with the sole and the one that unites the welt, the cut and the insole.

The total process to manufacture a pair of shoes or boots with the blake sewing can go up to 250 steps, where more than 90% of manufacturing is done in a totally handmade way.

The advantages of this type of sewing are comfort, flexibility, insulation, strength and quality of footwear made with it.

This is the most traditional and common Blake sewing, although there may be others that include variations with a more complex process. In any case, it can be done by hand or machine, although in any case it requires knowledge and skills to make a good sewing like Mr John.


Unique and exclusive footwear for you

We recommend shoes made with the whole process of craftsmanship, because each footwear made, is unique and is done with a great care. In addition, much better if they have this sewn because is the best method to achieve the excellence of manufacturing good handmade footwear.