The espadrilles as a summer shoe

The espadrilles as a summer shoe

The espadrilles as a summer shoe

The espadrilles as a summer shoe for men are the new trend this summer, a shoe that enhances their proposals with their classic styles of canvas and other models with esparto sole in varied shades ranging from blue to garnet.


And is that espadrilles have been chosen by men for years as an essential complement that accompanies the casual look both on the beach and also in the city when temperatures rise.


In ancient times the espadrilles were already used by the Romans, and through the time they became more and more popular occupying today the pages of the magazines of fashion for being a comfortable and versatile footwear that combines perfectly with shorts as well as with jeans and are presented in smooth or embossed tones that combine with everything.


Increasingly, the most traditional men's fashion brands include them in their proposals for the summer in all its versions, including the colorful ones or with Hawaiian print aimed at a younger audience.


Big names like Chanel or Valentino have signed up for this fashion of men's espadrilles coming to the collections of the most important designers of the world that today have their own models. Also Tommy Hilfiger and Juncal Aguirre propose models specially designed for the beach or the field.


A perfect footwear for summer, men's sandals are not only comfortable but also affordable, allowing several pairs in different colors and prints.


Made of materials such as natural fibers, canvas or cotton and esparto or hemp soles, Mr John's men's sandals become the ideal choice for summer because it is a fresh and light footwear that today is renewed, removing the typical sandals as the most popular option for the summer season.


The innovation of the espadrilles for men is seen this season not only in different colors but also in clean and fashionable lines and with base of jute that replaces the classic hemp.


Without a doubt, espadrilles, especially if they are tailored to each man, are the ideal footwear for the hot months because it is light, breathable, comfortable, cool footwear ... and most importantly it has a casual and formal touch adapting to all styles.