Accessories for gentlemen

Accessories for gentlemen

Accessories for gentlemen


Having style, maintaining a proper appearance and over all things being elegant on any occasion, are the basic principles of a true gentleman who not only has the clothes of the season in his closet, but also has the best accessories.


Dressinga basic style, a gentleman always uses the best accessories in accordance with his personality, but the most important thing for him is to always look good and different every day.


If a gentleman wears a black suit, his shoes and belt will be black but if the suit is blue or gray, the shoes and belt could be black, brown or camel and in both cases the tie should always cover all the buttons on the shirt and it should be darker than the shirt.


If a gentleman wears clothes that is not of a brand, accessories most always have to be of the best quality, shoes has to be measure, and something very important is that he has to have in his closet some brown shoes to wear with his pants, vest and jacket on any occasion.


Masculine style and elegance


The choice of accessories is an important thing for a gentleman, all this since a good dress requires a good choice of color, in terms that serve to transform their appearance and lifestyle.


Accessories like hats, caps or jewelry depends a lot of the personality and also of the style. Therefore, cufflinksare ideal for the man who wears a measure suit, while the watch is always essential and marks a whole style, it is better to opt for a timeless model that does not stand out from the overall look.


A gentleman always has a pair of black shoes in his closet, and socks in different tones, since they are chosen according to the color of the pants and never of the same tone, except that they are black.


Lastly, if you want to be a gentleman opts for timeless accessories that not only are for a long-term investment in the closet but also fundamental to creating a personal and stylish style.