The Psychological Effect of Designing Your Own Shoe.

The Psychological Effect of Designing Your Own Shoe.
When was the last time you were so happy because you were responsible for the existence of something people admire? Do you remember that feeling? Wow it was priceless, right? I am sure you are still basking in those memories and if that thing you were responsible for its existence is still around you from time to time just look at it and just smile, maybe is that painting you created when you were a child and your parents has kept it down till this day because it is priceless.
Creativity always gives us that “feel good” effect, it makes us feel whole, no wonder psychologist will often recommend that we engage art as a way of helping us psychologically.
That ability to create or influence the shape of an object automatically generates an emotion, an attachment. The outcome of an object reflects our individuality in taste and style, the self-selection of features, colour and shape all work together to provide a glimpse of our inner world.
The opportunity to take part in a process and influence the end result promotes an emotional attachment that leads to psychological ownership, the feeling that something is “mine” even without legal ownership.
I will give you an example, I personally relate to this because my guardian was a teacher, she was a primary school teacher and time without number I have seen how proud she is whenever she sees her pupil all grown up and now he or she is a professional or turned out to be a better person in the society. In the same way, we feel proud of and good about ourselves when we are part of creating something good.
The ability to customize a product and be involved in the design promotes a feeling of control that has been found to enhance us psychologically. The opportunity to touch an object that we have design or created creates a stimulation that activates that “feel good”, happiness.
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