Blake Welt

Blake Welt

We are living in an era in the shoe making industry where history and technique is as valuable as silver and gold. The hand behind a shoe brand should be one that have spent time without number mastering the craft of creating master pieces that have grazed the legs of icons in their various industry.

We truly believe that the job of a shoe maker is almost like that of surgeon, a job with attention to details every cut, every stitches and time spent determines the outcome let us not forget the techniques needed which is  one of the things we pride ourselves in.

Lets talk about BLAKE WELTED a type of welt stitching, a technique we use in our shoe making process. For the uninitiated, the welt is the strip of leather that runs around the perimeter of a shoe, helping to bind the outsole to the upper components of the shoe, in other words it is the means through which the sole of the shoe is attached to the upper of the shoe

Shoes of inferior quality tend to use adhesives rather than welt stitching, making the shoe nearly impossible to re-sole and more susceptible to water intrusion.


Thanks to an Industrial Revolution that greatly change the welting process, simplifying it and creating a new sleek way of welting  AND NOT compromising the structure of the shoes.

In shoes constructed with BLAKE WELT, the upper component of the shoe is stretched around the insole, and then a single stitch binds the outsole, insole, and upper together. Because the welt is stitched within the inside of the shoe, Blake welting requires a specialized machine to stitch the sole to the upper.

BLAKE WELT however makes the shoes far lighter and typically less expensive as well. Blake welting entails a simpler construction and more discreet, without sacrificing durability or comfort. BLAKE WELTED shoes allows resoling once the outsole is worn or damaged also allowing flexibility. BLAKE WELTING is a hallmark of exceptional shoe construction.

Mr John, by virtue of our BLAKE WELTING process we are able to provide our customers with a comfortable, sturdy, and elegant shoe that is far more better than other alternatives. We have made it our mission to bring high-quality shoe construction to a new generation of forward-thinking consumers.

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