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If you do not know how to buy, website fail, wrong size, there are errors in the order, you want to return a product, you do not know how to use our 3D application, you have any doubt, complaint or just want to greet us, this is the section of our website that you were looking for.

You can contact us whenever you need it. That is why in Mister John's Shoes we have enabled this section in our website in which we show the information that you need to contact us.

You can write to Mister John's Shoes by sending an email to

You can also contact us by filling out this simple form indicating: what you need, your email, reference, message and you can include an attachment.

We will receive your message immediately and we will respond as soon as possible. We can take your message from a few minutes to a few hours, always within a maximum of 48 hours. We are at your disposal whenever you need it, so our customer service will be constantly pending messages from our customers.

Mister John's Shoes, quality footwear made in Spain completely customizable by our customers and supervised by master shoemakers with years of experience in our sector.

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