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Customize, design and personalize your shoes

If you want to customize your shoes, with Mr. John's 3D Configurator you will find the solution you were looking for.

Start by finding your style among the many shoe styles that we offer. Once you have chosen, select it and choose your favorite. In a graphic and visual way you can design your own shoes not only in size but also in materials, soles, shoe lasts, colors and as needed. Each time you choose an option you will see in the image of the shoe how it is left.

3D configurator to create exclusive shoes

You can see the results of your choices perfectly in our 3D configurator, and change them as many times as you need until you get the custom and unique footwear you want. When you’ll finish the order our artisans begin to manufacture it and they will supply it to you in an approximate term of one month.

Spanish luxury for your feet

Mr. John's shoes are unique and a masterpiece because they are hand made in Spain taking care of every detail according to the requirements of our customers passing through all existing quality processes.

We have the best materials and we work with great affection so that the result is an excellent product. You just have to ask for it by validating your selection in the 3D configurator and we will send you your Mr. John's custom shoes wherever you tell us for free. Custom your own moccasins with tassels, oxfords, bluchers, dress shoes with buckles, monk strap, military boots, chukka boots…

Unique shoes with the best finish and as stylish as you want.